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Sports Coach Sexual Misconduct

Alaska Sports Coach Sexual Misconduct Lawyer

Being part of a youth sports team is typically a great way for children to gain confidence and feel
part of a community. These teams should be a safe space for children to grow and learn.
However, sometimes, leaders of those programs and teams, or those affiliated with them, can
abuse their positions of authority. Sports coaches who sexually abuse the children who trust them
should not only be criminally prosecuted but be held civilly liable for the harm caused to their
victims as well. Anchorage sports coach sexual assault attorney Sean Brown helps victims of this
abuse pursue proper legal action against all parties responsible. Abusers as well as their enablers
or employers can be at-fault in these cases, either by failing to supervise their employees or not
reporting sexual abuse when they were required to. At the Alaska Accident and Injury Law
Center of the Brown Law Firm, LLC, we are dedicated to making sure children who are sexually
abused regain their sense of control and justice. If you, or your child, has suffered from a sexual
assault while a member of a youth sports program, our firm can help you determine your next
legal step. Please call our office today at 907-222-9900 to speak with an attorney today.

Risks of Sexual Assault in Youth Sports

Children are especially vulnerable in programs and organizations where parental supervision is
not required or present. Although parents usually have no reason to distrust a youth sports
program, sometimes those brought on as coaches, volunteers, or other mentoring positions have
ill-intentions in their work. Sports coaches have tremendous power over the children they train,
and as such, the position can attract those who seek to gain access to children to do harm.
Risks associated with sexual abuse in athletic programs include – long hours spent after school
without parental oversight; predatory coaches targeting a child to groom; as well as overnight
trips for games or other competitive activities requiring travel. When a child is sexually
assaulted, they may feel ashamed or fear that no one will believe them. It is important to listen to
your child, as well as be on the lookout for changes in behavior that might indicate they have
been hurt. If a child is trying to avoid team activities, or has displayed uncharacteristic behavior,
including depression, anxiety, or difficulty sleeping; it is a good idea to seek help. If your child
has been a victim of sexual assault by a coach, an experience child sexual abuse attorney in
Anchorage can assist you in exploring legal action.

Parties Liable for Sexual Abuse of Children in Sports

Many victims of sexual assault think the only recourse they have is criminal action, which is not
true. Criminal and civil cases are separate and distinct. The prosecutor, and not the victim, has
control over whether they pursue criminal action. Additionally, even if criminal prosecution is
not successful, that does not mean victims cannot prevail in a civil claim against those
responsible for their harm.

Coaches, assistants, volunteers, trainers, medical staff, or any other adult who commits sexual
assault against a child is obviously at-fault for their willful conduct in a civil lawsuit. However,
other parties involved in a sports program may also be held accountable for contributing to a
victim’s harm. Sports organizations or leagues running a youth program owe their participants a
duty of reasonable care to prevent or stop sexual abuse. Reasonableness in these situations means the organization must engage in adequate background checks when hiring employees as well as monitor and train staff, and investigate any reports of abuse. If an organization fails to act
reasonably in these respects, leading to the sexual abuse of a child entrusted in their care, they
can be held liable.

Child Sexual Abuse Attorney Representing Anchorage Victims

Although no amount of money can undo the trauma of a sexual assault, financial compensation
from those who caused it is helpful to cover the costs of treatment. Victims who have been
sexual abused by a sports coach can be awarded damages for past and future medical costs
related to their injuries, as well as compensation for pain and suffering. If you need legal advice
following a sexual assault, Anchorage child sexual abuse attorney Sean Brown is ready to listen
and help. The Brown Law Firm, LLC helps victims of sexual abuse not only in
Anchorage, but across Alaska. We are committed to providing compassionate and comprehensive legal services for all Alaskan residents, with clients in Anchorage, Aniak, Bethel, Fairbanks, Hooper Bay, Juneau, and Saint Mary’s.

Please call our office at 907-222-9900 today to find out more about your legal options.

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