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Alaska truck accident lawyer Sean Brown has represented dozens of individuals whose lives have been permanently or temporarily changed as a result of an Anchorage truck accident.

Because trucks are extremely heavy and large, anyone involved in an accident with a truck can sustain serious injuries. Victims of accidents may suffer from head trauma, neck injuries, back injuries, broken bones, dislocated joints, etc.

Complex laws govern the trucking industry, so when pursuing a personal injury claim when injured by a truck, it is vital to have a knowledgeable personal injury attorney like Sean Brown to assist you with it.

Our Truck Accident Attorney in Anchorage Is on Your Side

Being hurt in an accident can be devastating and overwhelming. In a collision with a commercial truck, especially one holding cargo, consequences can include catastrophic damage and even the death of one or several parties involved. Injuries sustained in truck driving accidents can be pretty severe, even catastrophic.

Many victims’ recovery process is long and hard, so they suffer monetary hardships as a result of not being able to go to work.

Retaining an injury lawyer to handle your accident claim has many advantages. With the help of our Alaska truck accident lawyer, we can ensure your claim is documented correctly so you can be able to pursue the proper compensation for your medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and even property damage.

Our personal injury law firm can assist with handling the complexities of dealing with 18 wheeler trucks, truck rollovers, and other types of trucking accidents.

Why Do You Need a Truck Accident Attorney in Anchorage?

Commercial trucks often carry large amounts of insurance, but battling over liability for the crash between multiple parties and insurance companies can be hard. That means an individual injured in a truck accident trying to make a claim would be facing multiple adversaries at each step of their case.

If you were injured in a truck accident, it’s essential to seek medical help immediately. You shouldn’t talk about the accident with the other drivers or discuss it with their insurance company. You should focus on recovering rather than worrying about dealing with any insurance company and leave the claim process to someone with adequate legal experience.

Our skilled accident attorneys know what to do and how trucking companies’ insurers operate. We know the strategies insurance companies use as well as just how to counter them and pursue compensation on behalf of our clients. We’re proud to stand with truck accident victims who feel alone in a complicated legal system.

What Types of Truck Accident Cases Do Anchorage Truck Accident Lawyers Handle?

Trucking accidents can be complicated, especially due to the number of liable or responsible parties involved. Although the truck driver may be the one who caused the truck accident, other parties such as a trucking company or truck parts manufacturers may also be partly responsible.

Also, the driver of the truck can be an employer of a trucking company, or they may own the truck themselves. All of these factors must be taken into consideration when investigating the party responsible for the crash.

As in other types of motor vehicle accidents such as car accidents, liability usually depends on how the accident actually occurred. Among the most common causes of truck accidents are:

  • Violations of Hours of Service Regulations
  • Poor truck maintenance
  • Drunk driving, distracted driving, speeding
  • Inadequately loaded trucks
  • Failure to conduct a pre-trip vehicle inspection

Determining liability and negligence issues can be quite intricate when it comes to trucks because different parties can own the tractor, trailer, and even the cargo. The outcome of a truck accident case can be significantly affected by proper investigation of the truck’s maintenance records and history, the driver’s logbook, and even how the cargo was loaded.

Although you may be able to do this by yourself, having an experienced Anchorage, AK, truck accident attorney by your side can help you in your fight to recover the maximum compensation available. Sean Brown represents clients injured Alaskans throughout Anchorage, AK, who have been injured in truck or semi-truck accidents.

What Compensation Can I Recover for a Truck Accident Case?

Those who are injured in trucking accidents may be entitled to repayment for the injuries, monetary losses, and also other damages they have experienced as a result of the crash. They may be able to recover:

  • Lost earnings
  • Medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damages
  • Punitive damages

If your loved one was injured in a truck accident, it’s in your best interest to contact us immediately so we can discuss your options. Our firm will handle insurance companies and other parties to the claim in order to reimburse you for your medical bills and lost wages.

Our experienced accident attorneys in Anchorage are well-versed in the intricacies of truck accident claims. Our legal team will work diligently in order to resolve your claim efficiently.

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We had hired Sean Brown for a ciminal case, Sean has been the utmost respectful, helpful, knowledgable, enthusiastic, lawyer, who does his research and knows the law, We had gone to tial, and to have him sit by us and in his calming mannor, and to defend in pure knowlege and has a way is natural to...

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I endorse this lawyer. Sean is an outstanding lawyer. He has tried a number of very difficult cases throughout Alaska and obtained outstanding results for his clients. He is smart, tenacious, and will fight to protect your rights.

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Sean Brown is simply one of the most talented lawyers in the country. Sean is always striving give his clients the best possible representation possible. I am most impressed with how much he cares about his clients. I highly recommend Sean.

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I endorse this lawyer. I met Sean this summer at The Trial Lawyers College that was founded by Gerry Spence . I found Sean's work ethic and his compassion to his clients are amazing . The trial skills that Sean developed at the college will serve any of his clients well. Any lawyer that is willing...

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