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Alaska Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Every year, millions of medical malpractice victims across the United States are affected by medical negligence and malpractice, suffering severe and life-altering injuries.

If you have suffered harm from a doctor or lost a loved one due to medical mistakes other health care providers made, it’s crucial you have an experienced medical malpractice lawyer on your side.

Medical malpractice lawyer Sean Brown has represented dozens of individuals whose lives have been permanently or temporarily changed due to Alaska medical malpractice.

Our Medical Malpractice Lawyers in Anchorage Are on Your Side

Medical malpractice occurs when a medical professional acts negligently. These types of behavior can include failing to treat a medical condition properly, surgical errors, and diagnostic errors.

Errors during surgery can include:

  • Leaving surgical instruments inside patients
  • Negligently cutting arteries or nerves
  • Performing surgery on wrong body parts

Anesthesia errors are also common, as well as a failure to diagnose a serious medical condition. Prescription errors or prescribing wrong medications or improper doses, and improper administration of medications are also types of medical malpractice and can seriously harm patients.

Other medical malpractice cases include birth injuries, dental malpractice, and hospital negligence.

Patients injured in government entities or by the hands of a federal employee can sue for relief if they have suffered a personal injury or wrongful death caused by negligence. Thanks to the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA), injured individuals can file lawsuits against the government for issues such as hospital malpractice or other medical care errors.

Why Do You Need an Anchorage Medical Malpractice Attorney

When medical malpractice occurs, the person’s life could be at risk or significantly changed because of medical experts’ errors. But, the legal representative needs to prove oversight existed and seek compensation on behalf of the patients.

In order to do that, first of all, it has to be determined that the doctor-patient relationship existed. Also, it has to be proven that the doctor failed to provide the appropriate medical standard of care that a similar healthcare provider would provide and that because of that breach of care, the patient suffered injuries that otherwise wouldn’t suffer.

In other words, Anchorage medical malpractice attorneys have to determine that there is a direct link between the doctors’ errors and the injuries that resulted from these errors.

Although that may sound simple, the whole procedure is complex and require thorough investigations of medical records and expert witness testimony.

Hospital negligence suits can be very intricate. If you have been injured because of a physician’s error, you need to have someone by your side with the experience to help you select the best strategy for you.

You need someone who has the knowledge of Alaska medical malpractice laws and the ability to discuss with insurance companies on your behalf. A proficient attorney will examine your situation thoroughly as well as provide the details to the court in the best possible way. All this will certainly help lower the anxiety you are under and make it more likely you obtain higher compensation for your loss or injury.

What Types of Medical Malpractice Cases Does an Anchorage Medical Malpractice Attorney Handle?

Due to the fact that many malpractice situations and complaints involve patients that were already ill or hurt, there is usually a question of whether what the medical professionals did, negligent or otherwise, really triggered the injury.

For example, if a person passes away after therapy for lung cancer, and the physician did do something irresponsible, it may be difficult to show whether the doctor’s carelessness triggered the death or cancer did.

The patient or their family must determine that it is most likely that the doctor’s incompetence directly caused the injury. Generally, the person should have a medical expert who would show that the doctor’s oversight triggered the injury.

Here are types of damages injured individuals can demand:

  • Medical bills and expenses
  • Additional medical costs such as physical therapy
  • Lost income and earning capacity
  • Psychological pain and suffering

What Compensation Can I Recover for a Medical Malpractice Case

Medical malpractice situations can be complicated. They often require legal representatives to be familiar with details of clinical procedures and operations, as well as to be able to pin-point exactly how medical or hospital negligence happened.

Our lawyers make a team strategy for every situation. That requires a well-informed attorney prepared to provide suggestions, advocate for you and your family members, and ensure your case moves forward.

If you have suffered harm at the hands of a negligent healthcare provider, contact us immediately so we can discuss your options. Sean Brown and his law firm will handle insurance companies and other parties to the medical malpractice claims in order to reimburse clients for their medical bills and lost wages.

Our experienced personal injury attorneys in Anchorage, AK have the experience and resources necessary to successfully litigate these lawsuits and we will do our best to resolve your legal issues efficiently.

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We had hired Sean Brown for a ciminal case, Sean has been the utmost respectful, helpful, knowledgable, enthusiastic, lawyer, who does his research and knows the law, We had gone to tial, and to have him sit by us and in his calming mannor, and to defend in pure knowlege and has a way is natural to...

- Dawn

I endorse this lawyer. Sean is an outstanding lawyer. He has tried a number of very difficult cases throughout Alaska and obtained outstanding results for his clients. He is smart, tenacious, and will fight to protect your rights.

- David

Sean Brown is simply one of the most talented lawyers in the country. Sean is always striving give his clients the best possible representation possible. I am most impressed with how much he cares about his clients. I highly recommend Sean.

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I endorse this lawyer. I met Sean this summer at The Trial Lawyers College that was founded by Gerry Spence . I found Sean's work ethic and his compassion to his clients are amazing . The trial skills that Sean developed at the college will serve any of his clients well. Any lawyer that is willing...

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